Yangon Market

June 14, 2018

On each trip, we not only visit the traditional handicraft villages but we also make a point to pop in the local marketplaces. These markets capture life’s beautiful moments as we are able to see the local routines and get a feel for the culture and specialties at each destination.

Sadec District would like to share a photo series of the one of the early morning markets in Yangon. Just like any small market in Saigon, it’s located on a small street where vendors gather at sunrise selling the day’s fresh meats and vegetables until it’s closing at 10am.

A special item exists here in every vendor’s possession, the weighing scale. This collection of scales can be seen in its many forms, from old and new to different types such as the roberval balance, digital scales, Chinese scales. One of the iconic “made in Vietnam” Nhơn Hoà scales is also used here.

Yangon, 21/5/2017
Photographer: Nguyen Hai Dong
All rights reserved