Với nguồn nguyên liệu vô cùng đa dạng của vùng nhiệt đới.

  • Sinamay food cover

  • Libertad bag

  • Phù sa 11 tray collection

  • Bayong bag

    Bayong Bags made of pandan leaves from the Philippines

  • Phù Sa 10 basket collection

  • PHÙ SA 9 basket collection

    Phù Sa collection is made from seagrass and a combination of seagrass and palm (Corypha lecomtei) leaves.

  • Libertad bag in plain color.

    Handmade pandanus bags from the Philippines.

  • Pandanus fan

    These colorful hand-woven fans made of pandanus are spontaneously made by the artisans from the Philippines.