About us


Every river is an unending stream that change the culture of places it flows by. Mekong, as one of those rivers, serves not only as the natural borders among countries, but also the intercultural veins of contiguous areas.

Besides, the alluringly rich deltas, Mekong River also brings along the other “pearls” in the form of fine handicrafts, handmade by generation to generations of local artisans, soaked with thousands of years of culture. By this contemporary aspiration, we set on the journey to find such “pearls”.

Started from Long Xuyen, Sa Dec and the provinces of the Southwestern Vietnam, we have set our foot on all the countries within the Mekong sub-region; and the search was even expanded to every Southeast Asian nations. Traveled upstream of the Mekong river, we came to Pakse, Vientiane, crossing the Tonle Sap in Cambodia, to Bangkok, Thailand and then to Yangon of Myanmar…
For the future, we have set our ultimate goal of traveling to every countries that Mekong River flows by, with the deepest belief of exploring more masterpieces from this region’s practical art designs.

At Sadec District, we are guided by the desire to find a harmonious relationship with you, who are eager to accept products that acquired from villages along the Mekong, and the re-designed products by adding in a sleek- contemporary, to treasure the traditional and multicultural values.

Our Mission

Our Vision